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The history of S.C.HAKOAH from Vienna

S.C.HAKOAH (Hebrew: force) from Vienna is one of the most traditional and successful sports clubs in Austria. The club's history is closely tied to the history of the Viennese Jews in the 20th century.
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S.C.HAKOAH from left to right: Sektionsleiter Baar, Trainer Hunter; Häusler, Guttmann, Gansl, Nemes, Scheuer, Halpern, Grünwald, Heß, Katz. - kneeing: Molnar, Trummer, Kerr.
Photo: HOPPAUF HAKOAH (John Bunzl, Junius Verlag)

The Book: 100 years Hakoah Vienna 1909-2009

„.... more than a sports club“

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